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Wake 3

November 4 - 6

Speakers Include:


Jarod Allen is a licensed professional counselor who pastored for many years. These two are a unique blend. With spiritual authority, he trains people how to locate their inner man in order to manifest the redemption of the resurrected Christ. Whether one-on-one in a counseling session or in front of a crowd, Jarod's goal is to yield to the Father's heart and help mature sons and daughters to rule in the earth. 

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John Crowder has a passion to spread the exhuberant love and joy of the supernatural gospel of Jesus Christ. John is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and advocate of mystical Christianity, with the ministry marked by creative miracles and unusual signs and wonders.


Don Keathley is the President of Don Keathley Ministries and Global Grace Seminary, He has trumpeted the message of grace and the finished work of the cross in this nation and around the world. Don's ministries exist for the purpose of sharing the life of Jesus Christ with others and to help Christians discover the freedom of their new life in Christ.


Darrin and Sheila Begley have been in ministry together for 30 years. As many of you know, Darrin transitioned fully into heaven's realm in August of 2020. Although he physically left this earth realm, the message he carried of the finished work of the cross continues to assault fear and the illusion of separation in the minds of men all across the world. Sheila is determined to pursue growth in both realms. Her heart is teach people how to access the Kingdom of God within them. Releasing a mystical message of heaven’s union these two have committed their lives to  see the body of Christ matured in love.


Nathan Isaacs is a second-generation pastor who has experienced many movements and apostolic-prophetic seasons in the church leading conferences all across the USA and beyond. His rare, no-nonsense style releases prophetic Kingdom songs and preaching that lead the corporate body straight to the heart of Father, awakening our response as true sons. 


Beyond the Horizon We have a team of leaders preparing to help us see and hear beyond the horizon of our minds. Join us for a session as Alexis Ortiz teaches us how to raise our frequencies. Karuna Leach will join her leading us through a meditation, while  Trista Jones  plays singing bowls that raise our vibrations and manifest healing.

Past Speakers

Nancy Coen.png

Nancy Coen is an anointed woman of God, who has served the Lord in over 130 nations of the world. Her ministry touches the lives of bankers, billionaires, businessmen, and government officials, as well as the poor and poverty stricken. She has ministered to the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich, being “no respecter of persons”.


Roy Vanderberg grew up in a pastor's home and has been in ministry his entire life. He began his journey by serving in youth ministry for 15 years and has been Pastor at The Family in Atoka, Oklahoma, for seven years. His heart is for people to encounter God and to cultivate a family atmosphere where people feel loved and accepted. 

Chris Blackeby.jpeg

Chris Blackeby is Living From Heaven as a Son of God. He loves God and His word, and has a passion for the simple gospel and demystifying the mystic.


Jerry & Beth Hershberger were born and raised in an Amish community. After encountering God and the revelation of His unconditional love and grace continued to unfold in their lives and crazy miracles followed. God had Jerry pull away to reconnect with his wife for a season and during that time God has been unveiling incredible revelation about the Bride to them both. We are so excited they are coming to WAKE2 to impart their lives to us!

Malcolm and  Cheryl Smith have recently married! Malcom has been imparting the message of grace and unconditional love for decades. He is not an evangelist but he often describes himself, as an evangelist to the evangelized, teaching believers who they are in Christ, the beloved of God and His dwelling place through the Spirit. Cheryl exemplifies the message of grace and freedom. She has been ministering in churches, jails and prisons for over 30 years releasing a raw message of God's unconditional love and complete freedom.

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