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[wāk] intransitive verb: to be or remain awake

People are AWAKENING to the facts!

  • God doesn't identify us after our behavior

  • Jesus really did finish what He came to do 

  • Mankind was fully redeemed at the cross

  • Holy Spirit lifts us up in Christ to know Father

  • We now are positioned to operate as His beloved heirs in this earth

  • Once we realize we are not condemned, freedom manifests 

Thank You for helping us spread the good news across the world!

Going Deep Conferece

Great Awakening 1
March 2019

Great Awakening 2 (Atoka)
May 2019

Great Awakening 3
August 2019

Great Awakening 4
October 2019

Great Awakening 5
January 2020

Dying to the Letter, Alive to Life | August 2020

WAKE 20/20

November 2020

The Truest Nature of Man

Wake 1 | March 2021

Christ in Me in Christ
"Governing in Christ Consciousness"
Wak 2 | June 2021

September 2021

Wake 3

November 2021

August 2022

The Great Awakening
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