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Live free from mind-control and religious constructs.


To unfasten or release from a tether, to disconnect, to live free from restraints

This day is not for the curious onlookers. Be prepared for the man-made construct that you have been tethered to, to be untied. Our goal is to untether you from the belief systems that were designed by man to keep you weak and entangled in their systems. You were never meant to be tied to systems, you were create to live free in the open field and create with God! 

Subjects include but not limited to:


  • Fear's energy vs Love's fire

  • Fact vs fables

  • Separation vs union

  • What is Consciousness

  • Feminine and Masculine- the flow of ONE

  • Exploring the kingdom within

  • What is the “word” of God? 

  • The three I’s (inspired, inerrant, infallible)

  • Rome, Constantine, the Nicene Creed

  • Why the Aramaic?

  • What about Abraham?

  • Living in the Open Field


Saturday, August 26th



$150 *includes lunch and late dinner

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