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What's Happening?

Three years ago God’s House began hosting three-day gatherings called “The Great Awakenings.”

These weekends were packed with transforming revelation and glorious encounters as well as an

increasing awareness of God’s loving presence and power


Our 2021 three-day gatherings proclaim a fresh call to “WAKE!” 

Wake— as a verb—means to be conscious; roused from sleep, lethargy, apathy or ignorance.

Wake—as a noun—describes the distinct pathway of waves created behind a moving ship or object.


Our founder, Darrin Begley transitioned off of this earth in September 2020. Darrin carried a mandate to

wake us up, create new pathways for us, and leave a WAKE for us all to ride!

We believe that revelation is opening our eyes and transforming our lives like no other time in history.

As the earth’s governments shift, we are becoming more conscious of

God’s kingdom emerging in and through us.

Our Father is committed to grow the incorruptible seed He planted in us in Christ and the pressure

in the earth is helping us mature and align with His heart to redeem this earth.

Join us as we follow this WAKE and have the ride of our lives!

No upcoming events at the moment
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