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Beyond the Horizon

​​Beyond the Horizon is a safe space where you will be able to experience ascensions, meditations, and contemplations of the spirit world's reality. We will practice seeing, hearing, and ascending beyond the horizon of our minds.  All of your donations will help pay for our electric and sound fees as well as bless our team. We hope to see you there!


The Great Awakening

People are awakening to the facts!


God doesn't identify us after our behavior. Jesus really did finish what He came to do. Mankind was fully redeemed at the cross. Holy Spirit lifts us up in Christ to know Father. We now are positioned to operate as His beloved heirs in this earth. Once we realize we are not condemned, freedom manifests 

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Yes, Level X means – Christ’s Level, after all, aren’t we co-heirs and one with Christ? Here at God’s House, it is important to us that you know what you believe and why you believe it! Join us for a time of discovery where we dig deep into scripture as well as history to explore transforming truths of the gospel. The true gospel really is good news, every single word is redemptive! Bring your bible, your pen and paper and let’s EXPLORE!

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        • Eye of the Storm

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          • 1/24/24 to 4/24/24
          • Weekday Mornings
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