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Darrin Canva

Darrin Begley

experienced a dramatic encounter with God more than 30 years ago that transformed his life and launched him into ministry. Together with his wife, Sheila, the Begleys were first youth pastors at Dayspring Church in Atoka, Oklahoma, where Darrin began to move prophetically with authority and accuracy among people of all ages. Darrin and Sheila birthed radical, life-changing youth camps in those early years and a traveling ministry in the U.S. and abroad.

In 1999 the Lord sent the Begleys to Houston, Texas, where Darrin served as associate pastor at New Evangelist Temple, also known as The NET Church. The Begleys carried a message of extravagant love in Jesus Christ, bold discipleship and liberating freedom in worship that reached not only many in Houston, but across the globe. Three short years later, God led them back to their hometown of Atoka to form a church known as God’s House where Darrin was Senior Pastor for 11 years.

The Begleys returned to Houston in 2014 with a passion to mentor reformers, sons and daughters of God identified by their Heavenly Father and destined to be world changers. Darrin often said that he didn’t come to build a church, but to experience a move of God. The new Body of believers in Houston would also be called God’s House as Darrin brought forth a deeper revelation that “I am God’s House,” an awakening to our relationship with the Trinity and to the incorruptible seed of Christ we carry.


In 2020 Darrin transitioned from earth to Heaven and his inspiration—his life and love for God and people—his revelation, his teachings, his messages live on in us and through us. Sheila, his wife, his three daughters, two sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren embrace the legacy of a powerful father, grandfather and spiritual leader. God’s House, now led by Sheila Begley, embraces a new understanding of love and grace because of Darrin, and a deepening of our relationship with Father out of sonship and rest. We celebrate Darrin’s life because our lives have been changed forever.

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