The Great Awakening

Dying to the Letter - Alive to Life

August 6th - 8th

Going Live August 6th at 7PM

Meet our Speakers

Jarod Allen is one of a kind! As a licensed professional counselor who pastored for many years. Jarod brings the Divine into natural realms. He carries a unique capacity to blend spirituality and healing into his practices, and is trained in individual and family therapy, and substance abuse treatment. Jarod's life mission is to be an instrument of healing, helping others experience the full redemption of the cross through the release of our own spirit, where we are complete and perfect in Christ, into our soulish realm. He also brings a powerful teaching about quantum physics and the marriage of energy and matter. Jarod has been happily married to wife and best friend Tamara, for 25 years. They have two beautiful adult children, Drew and Jade and a son-in-law, Kalen. 

If your haven't heard Nathan Issacs, you are in for a treat. Nathan is a second-generation pastor who has experienced many movements and apostolic-prophetic seasons in the church leading conferences all across the USA and beyond. His rare, no-nonsense style releases prophetic Kingdom songs and preaching that lead the corporate body straight to the heart of Father, awakening our response as true sons. Nathan and his wife, Melissa have been Married 18 years, and have two children, daughter Jaylyn and son Jaxon. 

Don Keathley, President of Don Keathley Ministries and Global Grace Seminary, was born in Battle Creek, Michigan and lived there until he graduated from Marshall High School. Don is married to his wife Linda and they have two grown married daughters Janell and Shawn and four grandchildren . He has pastored churches in Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and is the founding pastor of Grace Point Community Church in Houston, Texas. Grace Point was established in 1987 and is a nondenominational community church. Don has received degrees from Olivet Nazarene University and a PhD degree from Barnham Graduate School and Seminary. As president of Global Grace Seminary he brings over 40 years of pastoral experience and a heart to develop leaders who are on the cutting edge of the message of grace and the finished work of the cross.

Malcolm Smith was born in London, England just as Europe was plunged into World War two. He has been preaching the message of the Kingdom for decades, breaking down the power of the love of Father as no one we've ever heard! Malcolm came to faith in Jesus Christ in his early teens and experienced a fullness of the Spirit almost immediately that was to change and redirect his life forever. He began to preach at age fourteen and has over the last decades preached throughout the world.

Malcolm Smith is not an evangelist but as he often describes himself, is an evangelist to the evangelized, teaching believers who they are in Christ, the beloved of God and His dwelling place through the Spirit.

Darrin Begley puts missing puzzle pieces into place. His passion to break down scripture brings clarity about not only who we are, but where we are in the kingdom. He goes after every doctrine of man that overtly or covertly separates us in our minds from our true union with God. His teaching on how the Book of Revelation was fulfilled at the cross of Christ will leave you 'raptured' in the goodness of God's grace and love. (John said, after all, that his Revelations are a revealing of Jesus). Although we are being awakened to our identity in Christ, our verbiage in music, books, prayers and conversations also reveals subconscious beliefs of longing, reaching, wanting, asking, waiting, rather than resting in the fullness of God in us. The Holy Spirit is revealing the missing puzzle pieces in the Word to literally rewire our brains to align with the mind of Christ. The result... We cannot be stopped. WE ARE full of confidence in our rulership as we begin to operate, fully aligned with Christ. 

Sheila Begley loves to break down the teachings of the Kingdom by drawing out the details and really driving it home making the mystical practical... Do we believe? and how we believe the truth of who we are? Thirty, sixty or one-hundred fold is available for us and Sheila's heart is to knead the kingdom's yeast into the dough of our lives until it grows and manifest fully! After all, we don't get wet by saying the word "water" and we cannot say we truly believe unless or until we are manifesting. 

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