[wāk] intransitive verb: to be or remain awake

November 12-14 



Speakers Include:

Chris Blackeby life's mission is to live from heaven as a Son of God. Chris loves God and His word and has a passion for the simple gospel and demystifying the mystic.

Don Keathley is the President of Don Keathley Ministries and Global Grace Seminary,  He has trumpeted the message of grace and the finished work of the cross in this nation and around the world. Don's ministries exist for the purpose of sharing the life of Jesus Christ with others and to help Christians discover the freedom of their new life in Christ.

Nathan Isaacs is a second-generation pastor who has experienced many movements and apostolic-prophetic seasons in the church leading conferences all across the USA and beyond. His rare, no-nonsense style releases prophetic Kingdom songs and preaching that lead the corporate body straight to the heart of Father, awakening our response as true sons. 

Malcolm Smith has been imparting the message of grace and unconditional love for decades.Malcolm Smith is not an evangelist but as he often describes himself, is an evangelist to the evangelized, teaching believers who they are in Christ, the beloved of God and His dwelling place through the Spirit.

Jarod and Tammy are licensed professional counselors who pastored for many years. These two are a unique blend. With spiritual authority they train people how to locate their inner man in order to manifest the redemption of the resurrected Christ. Whether one-on-one in a counseling session or in front of a crowd, Jarod and Tammy's goal is to yield to the Father's heart and help mature sons and daughters to rule in the earth. 

As many of you know, Darrin Begley transitioned into heaven this August. In fact, the last Awakening we had, he ended up being in the hospital during the whole weekend. But we just can't escape his DNA. Darrin releases a message of purity to the body of Christ that challenges our B.S. (belief systems) on every level. The bottom line, if we didn't get it from Father, we just didn't get it.

These are defining times in mankind's history. Across the world people are experiencing the reset in the earth. We wanted to gather one more time in 2020 and position ourselves corporately once again to see and hear from heaven. After all, we are His sons and daughters, this is our planet and we are here to manifest Father's heart! We would love for you to join us for 3-days of WAKE!



inside & outside the USA

People are AWAKENING to the facts!

  • God doesn't identify us after our behavior

  • Jesus really did finish what He came to do 

  • We were fully redeemed at the cross

  • Holy Spirit lifted us up in Christ to know our Father

  • We now have the position to operate as HIS beloved heirs in this earth

  • When people realize we are not condemned, freedom manifests! 

Thanks so much for sowing into

this life transforming message,

let's spread this GOOD NEWS!

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